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The Shemhamphorasch - "The Divided Name of God"

The Shemhamphorasch (The Divided Name of God)

Bearing Diagram 6 (Above) in mind look at this table showing the Divided Name of God. Each section contains 54 letters. 54 X 4 = 216.

Shemhamphorasch: The Divided Name (Table copied from Wikipedia)

The Shemhamphorasch is a corruption of the Hebrew term Shem ha-Mephorash meaning "The explicit Name of God".

I must reemphasize that I myself do not follow any single religion. I am merely fascinated by the fact that the ancient’s believed that the secret name of God contained 216 Characters and that when this name was revealed it would usher in the Messianic Age.
I believe that God is everything. All my findings indicate that all religions had a pure origin or source that was trying to educate or direct us. 

I need to explain to you what exactly was driving me on and directing me to keep searching for the answer. Every time I faltered I would discover something new, like this table divided into 18 x 12 parts. So I kept delving deeper and deeper.
I will tell you more about my personal journey later. Let me first show you just how complex and Super Intelligent this all is.  
This next image is a Christian Diagram and this one shows the 72 Names of God. 72 x 3 = 216.

Once again we see a connection throughout the ancient world related to these sacred numbers.

It may interest you to know that in each cycle in my rendering of Metatron’s Cube there are 60 numbers, so in total, for this entire  rendering of Metatron’s Cube using the 60 digit cycle there are 60 x 13 = 780 numbers. This is the total amount of physical numbers and not the sum of all the numbers added together which gave us the 3600 I spoke of earlier. (See Diagram 5)
But each circle has 4 zero’s so subtract 4 x 13 which is 52 you get 780 – 52 = 728.
And, remember the “5’s” intersect at 8 points (See Diagram 5). So we only count those numbers once. Now we have 728 – 8 = 720. And 720 is a base 10 harmonic of 72.

The more I study Metatron’s Cube using the 60 digit Fibonacci repeat cycle, the more convinced I am that the ancient’s were far more knowledgeable or informed than we ever thought.

They were told about the 72 Names of Angels. They were told to study Metatron’s Cube which is based on the Tree of Life and they were told to table the 216 letter name into 18 columns x 12 rows. Why?

Clearly we don’t use 60 minutes and 360 degrees because it was a silly superstition or because it was convenient. No, we use these units because they point to a Perfect Universe created by a Supreme Intelligence that was always trying to guide and educate mankind.

There are still many secrets hidden in this design. Secrets that I am convinced will unlock the gates to the Messianic Age.
didn't pick 60 random numbers. The 60 numbers I am using come directly from the Fibonacci Sequence. The same sequence that generates the Golden Ratio and the Golden Angle.
I have done a great deal of research into the Golden Ratio and the Golden Angle.”
Physicists and Cosmologists calculate the age of the universe to be roughly 13.75 Billion years old.
I tie this number directly to the Golden Angle which is 137.5 degrees. (13.75 x 10).
We are at a unique point in time where new things occur in nature. I believe we are living in a time of revelations. 


  1. Lucien Khan:

    I just received your book and will view your YOUTUBE videos. I discovered the pattern of the Shemhamphorasch on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and I have written a large book on the symbolism of the chapel:

    I am presently researching the 72-names of God from a different perspective than yours. You are quite right in believing that an entire cosmology can be created via Sacred Geometry because that is precisely what the ancient scribe did when they wrote the sacred scriptures around the world. I invite you to read my papers online and please feel free to visit my FACEBOOK PAGE. My email:

    By the way, just before publishing my book on the Sistine Chapel in December 2012, I broke the code of the Fibonacci sequence, when no one knew there was one. I stuck that discovery in the back of the book giving three sequential examples of my discover. There is a pattern that repeat itself every 24-calculations: i.e. casting-out-nines, which coincides with the DNA molecules - 23-CHROMOSONES of the Double Helix. The Golden Ratio is codified throughout the sacred scriptures; thus, speaking of organic life.

    If you read my papers online read my work on Dante Alighieri's La Divina Commedia's Mathematical System first: i.e. simple mathematics with a beautiful precision cosmology. I wrote this academically more than twenty years ago and published by academic publisher. Here I have toned it down for the uninitiated to look over what esotericism is all about.

    William John Meegan

  2. hey fellas
    Lucien and William

    metatron = swastika = source of all swirly twirly inspiration

    metatron cube in the east is the antahkarana

    how many comparisons can we make?

    I can show you how the ying/yang symbol, the seed of life symbol, solomon's knot, endless knot, celtic knots ALL default to geometry lesson given by the TEACHER, aka swastika.

    yes the TEACHER will show you how the idea we call the swastika is the author of infinite inspiration and introspection ... yes we can link the swastika to the hypercube and pi and phi and squaring the circle, and well I could go on ...

    all will be revealed but not by you fellas

    selah v

    137 SSS Mezine Mystic

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  3. And 6 x 6 x 6 is also 216. The number of the Christian representation of the Devil refers to the Jewish God.

  4. Replies
    1. The Higgs Boson God Particle ie Dark Matter 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons

  5. In the I Ching 666 can mean the trigram of Earth changing to the trigram of Heaven