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Metatron's Cube - Divine Revelation

Metatron’s Cube Divine Revelation

This next part is nothing short of Divine and points to an Ancient history rich with mystery and hidden knowledge.
Metatron, as described earlier, was a scribe of God and was said to have been entrusted with divine knowledge with regards to the secrets of Time and Eternal Life.
The Diagram 5 (below) is a partial representation of Metatron’s Cube which is considered to be a Sacred Diagram or Divine Geometry that contains all the secrets of the universe.
If you research Metatron’s Cube you will find that it is a famous geometric figure and revered because it is said to contain all of the 5 platonic solids, being: The Tetrahedron, The Cube, The Octahedron, the Dodecahedron and The Icosahedron. 
The totally amazing and incredible part is that when I create Metatron’s Cube using my 60 digit repeat cycle I get the Sacred Numbers 216 & 108 (Google these numbers).These are very important numbers in many religions and were considered sacred by Plato as well as Fibonacci.
108 x 2 = 216.
The secret name of God is said to contain 216 characters.
The diameter of the moon is 2160 miles
The solar radius is approximately 432,450 miles (2160 x 2 = 4320)

And the speed of light is approximately 432 squared or 186 624 miles per second (approximately).

The sum of the 60 numbers in each circle adds up to 280. There are 13 circles in Metatron’s Cube.
Therefore in Total we have 280 x 13 = 3640
Take all those points where the Star Of David intersects not as (5 + 5) but as ‘5’ and we get:

3640 – 40 (There are 8 points hence 5 x 8 = 40)
= 3600
3600 is a base 10 harmonic of the number 360, i.e 360 x 10 = 3600
This design is “PERFECT”
Bear in mind that Metatron’s Cube is a Fractal
A Fractal is a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.
To me the answer is as clear as day. The universe recycles after every 60 units of time and manifests in 360 degrees. This is how the Universe exists for all eternity. Metatron’s Cube is a Fractal of the “WHOLE” and is clearly showing us why we use units of 60 and 360.
But not only is Metatron’s Cube generating the number 360 it is also generating the Divine numbers “108” and “216”. You need to research (Goggle) these numbers and learn about their historic and religious significance.  
The sum of the numbers highlighted in the Flower pattern in Red & Yellow is a Divine 1080 (That’s 108 x 10). There are 216 numbers in that pattern. Each circle contributes 36 numbers. 6 x 36 = 216.
Why was it believed that the Secrets of the Universe were Hidden inside Metatron’s Cube and Sacred Geometry? And why was it believed that the Secret Name of God contained 216 letters?
We didn’t know that the end numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence recycle after every 60 digits into infinity until we had computers.
I cannot begin to explain the sheer “INTELLIGENCE’ involved here, this is undoubtedly a big step toward proving once and for all that the universe is not a random singularity event but it is an Intelligent Creation and recycles for all eternity.
Anyone still sceptical? There’s more. 

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