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Angels and Angles

Angels and Angles

Look at this final rendering (Diagram 10) of Metatron’s Cube highlighting the geometric angles found inside Metatron’s cube.
If nothing I have said thus far has convinced you of the Divine nature of all things and the Supreme Intelligence at work, allow me to make on last effort. 


The angles inside the Star of David that fits so perfectly into Metatron’s Cube add up to exactly 1080. (6 x 180 = 1080).
If you look at my previous rendering of Metatron’s Cube (Diagram 5) constructed using the Fibonacci 60 Digit Repeat Cycle you will see that the flower pattern around the 6 triangles also add up to 1080.
Angles have absolutely nothing to do with the 60 numbers in the Fibonacci Repeat Cycle.
And yet, there it is, clear as day, absolute proof of the sheer-mind boggling Intelligence that is GOD.
There is no way this can happen without SUPREME “UBER” ULTRA INTELLIGENCE.
It all starts with Accepting God.
It sounds simple, but it truly is life changing. Once you know that God is real and that every single thing that happens has purpose and meaning, your life will have new purpose and meaning.
Just try to see it in that LIGHT.

So what is the Secret name of God?
Well, If everything builds from 108 (See image of The Seed of Life and Metatron’s Cube). And Jewish Religion believed that God’s secret name has 216 letters.
And I found 216 numbers that add up to 108. Then basically these 216 numbers are spelling 108.
And these 2 numbers 108 and 216 prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the Universe is not a random singularity event, as per the ‘Big Bang’ but a Supremely Intelligent Design.
Then I have revealed the 216 Letter name of God. Exactly as foretold.
Coincidentally my name Lucien means LIGHT and Lucien is also an anagram of the word NUCLEI.
Everything, everything that has ever happened in the Story of Mankind proves that God is the CREATOR.

But why 108?
Is there any final significance to the number 108? Why does everything build from 108? Why do so many cultures think 108 is sacred? Why do the 216 numbers inside Metatron’s Cube spell (add up to) 108?
It all goes back to Gematria the traditional Jewish system of assigning numerical value to a word or phrase. A number can have symbolic meaning. 
Why do people meditate on the Number 108? Why does a Mala have 108 beads? Why is God believed to be 108?
Look at the number and think in terms of symbols or phrases.
This all began when I started searching for answers to what the Universe is and what God is?
My first conclusion was that the Universe must be an ETERNAL cycle of energy to mass as per Einstein’s E=MC2. Because Energy is eternal, it cannot be created or destroyed.
So the universe must be an ETERNAL CYCLE (Not a physical circle but a Divine Cycle of Energy to Mass). There is no permanent place called “The Universe” the Universe in only an event or story unravelling over time. The Universe only exists in time. It started at a single point in time and it will end at a single point in time. And then recycle for all eternity.
My next conclusion was that the entire Universe must be One. All connected. One entity. One event. The only thing that separates us is TIME. Watch my videos explaining this.
My final conclusion was that the entire Universe is One entity that recycles for all ETERNITY or into INFINITY.
What does 108 tell us? What is it showing us?
1 (One) 0 (Circle) 8 (Symbol for Eternity or Infinity - ∞)
The Universe is 1 Divine Circle that Recycles for all Eternity.
God is the energy that creates all things. E=MC2.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed (First Law of thermodynamics).

One last thing.
I have to tell you how I came to find this 60 Digit Repeat Cycle and make all the connections that I did.
As I mentioned at the start of this blog, I was working on a cosmological theory that the universe is a circle. To be honest, at the very beginning I actually thought of the universe as a physical thing, so I imagined it as a physical circle or torus shape.
Now I understand that there is no outside the universe because it is not a permanent or physical thing. It doesn’t have a single centre; every single object inside the universe is at the centre of the universe. Nuclei.  
This can only make sense once you can understand that the universe is only a story, an event, something that is happening or unfolding over time from the perspective of every single object.
The universe is not something you look at and say it has length, width and height. No. It is something you experience from your centre radiating outward. It is a spiritual experience.   
You are at the centre of a divine universe created for you by God. I’m digressing.
How did I go from trying to prove that the universe is a divine circle to finding the answers hidden inside Metatron’s Cube?
Everything around me spoke to me and guided me. When I needed inspiration I would pick up a novel and there would be an answer right there, waiting, but so profound that I knew it was left there for me by God.
It is crucial that you understand this part. Whenever you act out of goodness and purity of thought, you are doing God’s work. You are leaving a marker for anyone else that looks for God.
I would find these markers left like breadcrumbs leading me all the way to God. These signs are all around you. In books, movies, games, in the very people that surround you. God is right there. All you have to do is open your eyes and accept that God is everything.
The biggest or greatest markers are the ones left by people who act out of purity of spirit. People who are inspired by God and not by corporate greed or acquisition of wealth. People who do art for art sake. People who love out of goodness and kindness and not for personal gain or selfish reward. This is where God shines the brightest.
I simply followed these signs, placing value in everything other people have said and they led me all the way to God.
Everything you do is an act of God. God is inside you. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you.
Know this. Act upon this. And surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life.  
Thank You for your time.
I tell you now, that all this is written with pure sincerity. This is the LIGHT of God and this is a marker. This will lead you to God.
Let this be the start of your journey. If you look for God you will find God. I have given you a big step forward. I have proved that the universe must be an intelligent creation. Unless you still believe all of this is random chaos.
If the universe is an intelligent design. There must be an intelligent designer.
Remember to look out for my video’s on Youtube explaining all of this in more detail. 

John 8:12

"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." – Jesus Christ.

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